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Lieutenant JG Tabitha Vale

Name Tabitha Amber Vale

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG


Age 28
Gender Female (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns She, Her, Hers
Orientation Heterosexual


Height 5'5"
Build 9st 3lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue/grey


Birth Date January 19th 2371
Birth Place England. Earth
Languages English (N) Federation Standard


Career Counselor
Posting N/A
Quarters Deck 4, Senior Officers' Quarters
Authentication Vale-9-4-Gamma-Mauve
Serial # SL-040-599-286


Distinguishing Features Tabitha wears her hair caught back when on duty but usually leaves it loose otherwise. She has a ready smile, dimpled cheeks, a soft voice and walks briskly.
She is average height and slim without verging to thin.


Traits Tabitha is friendly, enjoys companionship but is at ease in her own company. She has a genuine interest in others, is happy to stay in the background, has patience and tolerance.
Motivation Tabitha wanted an interesting career where she could feel and be of use and is proud of her achievements so far.Family life is important to her but her divorce knocked her self esteem.
Interests She is not a keep fit fanatic preferring to take regular exercise in the form of walking and swimming. She enjoys a broad range in music and literature and is particularly interested in History.


Family Father George vale Mother Judith. Younger sister Sasha died age five
Romances Husband Phil Henderson

Personal History In late December 2371 Tabitha was the first child born to George and Judith Vale. Both her parents were teachers, her father holding the role of a Lecturer in Computer Science and her mother one of Music.
When Tabitha was four her sister Sasha was born but when only weeks old the baby was diagnosed with Phoson Syndrome a life limiting condition. She died when Tabitha was nine.
Although she had been aware and understood her sisters problems due to many careful but truthful explanations from her parents as the sisters grew up, losing Sasha had been a traumatic time.Her father engaged a counsellor mainly for her mothers sake but she also spent time with Tabitha playing games and chatting to her. Years later Tabitha would realize what had been happening and decided that if possible she would like to learn the skills the counsellor had had.
She was accepted into Starfleet and in her final year she met her soon to be husband..
Her short lived marriage played out soon after her graduation.
Service Record 2389....Enrols Starfleet Academy
2394.... Starbase 21 Junior counselor
2398.... Starbase 86
2399.... Transfers USS Osprey