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Lieutenant Commander Jess LaCroix

Name Jess LaCroix

Position Chief Security Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


Age 32
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Heterosexual


Height 6'1"
Build Muscular
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Birth Date July 7, 2367
Birth Place London, Englad
Languages English (N), Federation Standard


Career Chief Of Security/Tactical
Posting N/A
Quarters Deck 4, Senior Officers' Quarters
Authentication LaCroix-026-962-004-Red
Serial # GR-743-375-296


Distinguishing Features Has a confident gait to his walk.
Medical Notes Has a few scars on his body, result of injuried sustained in combat.


Traits Very quiet, especially while on duty. Tries to stay within himself at all times, especially in a dramatic situation.
Very reserved, doesn't often socialize with the crew.
Motivation Coming from a long line of proud warriors, strives to be the best, to honor his people.
His goal is to one day return to his people, and share his stories that he has learned.
But he would like to one day command a starship of his own.
Interests Likes to exercise, every day, either in his quarters or in the ships gym or holodeck.
Played a lot of field hockry growing up and in the Academy.
Reads often, reports or books, mostly historical dramas based n his people.
Music, mostly classical, can be heard coming from his quarters.
Favorite dish is anything his mother made.


Family His father's Cheyenne name is Aenohe, which means Hawk, which was given to him by his father. His english name is David LaCroix.
His mother was not Cheyenne, her name is Kelly Travers LaCroix.
He has no brothers or sisters, except those in his tribe.
Friendships Presently, none.
Romances Aside from a brief romance at the Academy with a girl named Francine Lepart, otherwise nothing current.
Acquaintances His only important acquaintenace is his home. When he helps people, he never holds it over them..after all, we are all children of the universe.

Personal History Born in Tongue River, Montana in the year 2369. This is the place where his people have lived for centuries. This is his ancestral home. This is where he goes to renew his spirit.
He attended the local schools, both on the reservation and in Miles City, Montana.
He was an intelligent child growing up. Often skipping grades in the early years, then the high school in Miles City, then starting college, the University of Montana at Billings, when he was 16.

He graduated college at 19, then applied to Starfleet Academy, and was accepted. At the Academy, he majored in Security and Tactical.
He joined the mixed martials arts club and helped lead the team to a championship his first year.
Service Record 2386 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
2390 - Graduated, with honors, and assigned to the USS Hornet, rank ensign, as a part of the security section.
2391 - After excellent annual reviews, was promoted to Lieutenant, and was the ships assistant chief of security/tactical.
2393 - Transferred to USS Phoenix.
2395 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named Chief of Security/Tactical.
2399 - Reassigned to USS Lyonesse as Chief of Security/Tactical.