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Ensign Kiyrra Iyvanna

Name Kiyrra Iyvanna

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Ensign


Age 67 (looks to be in her late 30's)
Gender Female (Cisgender)
Species Mynnatha (ex-Borg)
Pronouns She, Her, Hers
Orientation Undecided


Height 6 ft.
Build 190 lbs.
Hair Color Black / To her knees when free
Eye Color Cornflower Blue


Birth Date Fifth day of the Seventh month in the Year of Shadows
Birth Place Mynnatha
Languages Mynnathan and many others (both from her time as StarSeeker and as Borg)


Posting N/A
Quarters N/A


Distinguishing Features Aside from the obvious Borg implants, not much. The StarSeeker reconstructions are well-disguised.
Medical Notes Kiyrra was reconstructed (some parts were replaced with artificial parts (full list below)) when she was in her late teens. Then she was assimilated by the Borg in her late twenties.

StarSeeker Augmentations:

* Control Chip that monitors and allows the user to control the bio-tech devices implanted.
* Processor Chip that aids the user's own brain in processing the various inputs from the other devices
* "Earrings" that give the user a HUD in one and Translation Matrices in the other
- NOTE: The chips were integrated when the Borg assimilated her. The earrings were irrelevant as some of the Borg implants do the same, so they were removed and discarded by the Collective.
* Collar that contains a miniature Scanner with limited range but versatile capabilities as BASIC med, BASIC sci, and BASIC security, just enough to help the user identify threats or injuries to teammates
- NOTE: This was replaced when she was assimilated.

Upper Body:
* Bracers generate the "body armor" which is a nanobot-constructed alloy lighter than conventional armor but strong as duranium plating.
* Left Bracer contains a small shielding device that generates an energy equivalent to a tower shield before the user when called up
* Right Bracer contains a small phased plasma weapon similar to the pulse pistols of the Peacekeepers in power though NOT in design. This one is sleek and slim like the rest of the armor
- NOTE: All devices in this section retreat into the Bracers when not "called into use". This is all based on Nanobot technology. This was all integrated when she was assimilated.

Lower Body:


Full Body:
Sensor Dampeners to keep from being detected by conventional scanners.
- NOTE: These were integrated when she was assimilated.


Traits (This section is for when she is wakened)

Kiyrra has not been removed from the Borg Collective for too long. Her reactions; therefore, tend toward the more Borg-ish. Efficient and quiet, she keeps fairly to herself though she is attempting to relearn what it means to be non-Borg. A difficult road, she is finding, but one she believes worth pursuing.
Motivation To one day reintegrate completely into society and to find the person lost when the Borg assimilated her. To learn what it is to be an individual and a Mynnathan (since much of her memory before the Borg is gone).
Interests (This section is for when she is wakened)

Hobbies: Studying new people/races, sketching
Likes: Hot cocoa, music, and the rest remain unknown to her as yet.
Dislikes: Inefficiency, prejudice, and the rest remain unknown to her as yet.


Family None living
Friendships All lost to her when she was assimilated
Romances N/A
Acquaintances N/A

Personal History First of Six was born Kiyrra Iyvanna on Mynnatha to Dorran Iyvanna and Choralyse Nevaerra on the fifth day of the seventh month in the Year of Shadows. They traveled much, even when their child was young, and became well-known in many spaces as purveyors of items either too illegal to acquire from anyone else or just impossible to find. So, they had many enemies.

And that was why, when Kiyrra was seven, the ship was attacked and left adrift in space. All hands were killed except for the child who had been playing in the crawlspaces again... even though she was told not to. She remained alone there for an unknown length of time until a ship came and tractored her parents' dead ship aboard it.

Fortunately for her, this ship was Mynnatha. It belonged to an Outreach Evaluator Team. These two (Rhaedeth and Xanataliya) took her back to Mynnatha where she was adopted by her aunt and uncle. They did not approve of her parents' actions, but they did not beat her to death with that disapproval. They were kind and loving. Her cousin, their daughter, was a StarSeeker, and Kiyrra's exploratory nature found that irresistible. So when she was seventeen, she applied to the StarSeeker Training Program. By twenty, she was out in the field, the quickest student in many years (though by far not the quickest ever).

She happily went from world to world, civilization to civilization, soaking up knowledge and culture like a living sponge. Periodically, as all StarSeekers are required to do, she would return to Mynnatha to give the Great Archive what she had learned. It was on one of these return trips home that her ship ran into a Borg Cube. As advanced as the Mynnathan Technology was, it was no match for the Cube, and she was captured and assimilated.

Twenty-three years later, she was part of the crew of a Scout Ship. The ship ran into trouble and was damaged. First was cut off from the Collective, and her Transceiver was damaged. She was alone again... and, for the first time in twenty three years, frightened. But the Borg retrieved her, and she was reintegrated into the Collective. Fear vanished in the whispering voices of the Many. She was re-tasked to a Sphere and sent out again.

As seemed to be her luck, though, that Sphere crashed. Something happened to it that she can't remember. But the rest of her memory is in tact. Somehow, she had been protected from the cascade failure that had claimed the other Drones on that Sphere, and had been retrieved in the 2380s, when the Sphere was discovered. Integrating with the Federation was not easy, but she adapted. She rven joined Starfleet.

Now an Ensign, she has been assigned to the USS Arendis as its Mission Advisor.
Service Record StarSeeker Division - Ages 20-30
Borg Collective - Ages 30-57
Integrating Into Federation - Ages 57-59
Starfleet Academy - Ages 59-63
USS RavenFlight - Ages 63-67
USS Arendis - Current