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Six of Twelve

Name Six of Twelve

Position Borg Mission Specialist


Age 36
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human (formerly) Borg
Pronouns They, Them, Theirs
Orientation Undecided


Height 6ft 4in
Build 205lb
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown


Birth Date April 8th 2363
Birth Place SS Arial (family owner freighter)
Languages Basic


Career Navigation
Posting U.S.S. Arendis NX-98760
Quarters N/A


Distinguishing Features Six of Twelve is a male member of Species 5618 Borg drone who is yet to be unassimilated
Medical Notes Right eye removed and replaced with Borg ocular implant and Borg eyepiece
Tritanium exoplate armour attached to torso and limbs


Traits Six of Twelve is a Borg drone that has been severed from the Hive Mind, its Borg programming remains strong but the longer that it remains cut off from the Hive the stronger and stronger its former self begins to reassert itself.

Six of Twelve given it was programmed to obey the commands of the 'collective' will carry out instructions/orders from anyone with some sort of authority to tell it what to do.
Motivation Six of Twelve has one motivation and that it to return to the Collective and rejoin the Borg ranks, it is the only 'life' it has ever known and with the Hive Mind no longer inside its head chaos reigns supreme.


Family Edward (assimilated: unknown)
Suzanne (assimilated: unknown)

Personal History Alex Wood was somewhere in the Beta Quadrant in April of 2363 aboard the SS Arial the family owned freighter his father Edward owned the vessel and his wife Suzanne was the ships medic. The ship travelled to all corners of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants carrying anything that the crew could cram on board so long as the client had sufficient money for the job.

In 2370 the SS Arial was deep in the Beta Quadrant having just off loaded its cargo when it detected an SOS signal emanating from just inside the Delta Quadrant, it responded to the SOS call and arrived to find another vessel adrift with no apparent lifesigns aboard, just as the SS Arial prepared to warp away, a Borg Sphere attacked and disabled the freighter and assimilated the crew including Alex who was asleep at the time he was assimilated.

Alex Wood spent the period 2370-75 inside a Borg Maturation Chamber, emerging a fully mature drone of Species 5618, it was assigned the designation Six of Twelve, it was a general purpose drone, thus it kept both organic arms, it was a mindless walking zombie enslaved to the will of the Collective.

Sometime in the year 2399 the Borg Probe Six of Twelve was assigned to serve aboard as part of the Borg remnant was disabled, and most if not all of the drones aboard were damaged, if not killed, Six of Twelve was left almost unscathed but its connection to the Hive Mind was cut off.
Service Record 2370-99: Borg Collective
2399: USS Arendis