Wandering Aimlessly

Posted on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 @ 12:42am by Six of Twelve

Mission: [ARND] #1 The Signal
Location: The Planet
Summary: Six of Twelve wandering amongst the disconnected drones
Timeline: Mission Day 10 at 1045

Six of Twelve was stationed near the Spire, it was cut off from the Hive Mind, for the first time since it had been assimilated it wasn't hardwired into the Hive. The emptiness inside of its head was causing all sorts of issues for Six of Twelve, it was not used to functioning without commands, let alone hearing the voices of the Collective as it was filling its mind.

Probe 426 had come to the planet to try and use the spire to contact the Collective, as it had been cut off from the Collective as a whole for some time. the mission had begun disastrously with the near destruction of Probe 426, the surviving drones connection to the small collective had been lost when Probe 426 was destroyed, and now the Spire had cause further problems, problems that weren't resolved easily.

Six of Twelve left the Spire headed in the direction of Probe 426. Six of Twelve was guided back to the wreckage in a ravine using all the Borg transponder beacons that still hovered around what remained of Probe 426.

When Six of Twelve reached the ravine and the wreckage, it could make out half a dozen other drones, each one in varying stages of functionality. Without an alcove to regenerate in those drones that had not been regenerating at the time were slowly running out of power and slowly ceasing to function.

Six of Twelve was running at 66% power, it would continue to function for quite some time to come. If only there was a means to put the Spire out of commission, so that it no longer affected Six of Twelve and any other drones that remained functional.

As Six of Twelve wandered amongst the wreckage of Probe 426, which had spread out over a wide area of the ravine breaking up on impact with the surface of the planet. Six of Twelve could make out the mangled remains of dead drones and pieces of hull plating scattered along the ravine.

Six of Twelve detected movement nearby and set off to investigate the movement. It turned out to be another drone, it was barely functional, Six of Twelve left it to its own devices and returned to the wreckage of Probe 426.

When Six of Twelve returned to the wreckage of Probe 426 two more drones had shut down due to low power levels, it could not identify them anymore as its link to the Hive was severed, but it could tell that one had been a female of Species 5618 and the other a male of Species 3259 prior to assimilation, what they had been once was no longer relevant, they were Borg.

Six of Twelve stood there amidst the ruins of Probe 426 to await the next development, whatever happened it was prepared to do whatever it had to, in order to return to the Collective, and rejoin the Hive Mind which it was cut off from, the calm reassurance of the Hive Mind would bring order to the chaos.